If you build your life in Missouri, we’re for you.

Farm Bureau Insurance is recognized nationwide as one of the strongest companies in the industry by insurance rating organizations. We have more agents in more communities in Missouri than any other insurer in Missouri. We offer a wide variety of life insurance products to meet your specific needs.

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Basics of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a way to provide for your family and their financial needs after you pass away. It gives your family the ability to pay off debt and maintain standard of living you would have provided if you were still around. It is a solution to replacing your lost income for your family. It can create funds for future events such as education, weddings, payment of estate taxes and retirement. In most cases the death benefit is income tax free.

Life Insurance is used for:

  • Replacing lost income (experts recommend 5 to 10 times your annual income)
  • Paying off a Home Mortgage or Business Loan
  • Maintain a standard of living
  • Debt Repayment (Car loans, Credit Cards, etc.)
  • Burial Expenses, Estate Taxes, and Final Expenses
  • Estate Planning
  • Funding for College Education